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Selling your car? Read this.

Thinking about selling your car? There are many things you can do to make sure you get the most amount of money for your vehicle as possible. Getting the most for your vehicle helps you pay off your old loan, or can help you make a larger deposit on a new vehicle.

Traditionally, there are only two ways to sell your vehicle: to a dealer, or to a private-party buyer. You’ll most likely get more for your vehicle selling it to a private-party buyer, but it takes a lot longer, and you’ll need to know how to negotiate well to ensure you get the most for your vehicle. Selling to a dealer typically means you won’t receive as much as you should when selling your vehicle.

1. Sell to a dealer / Trade-in

Selling to a dealer or trading in your vehicle where you plan to buy your next one is one of the most common ways car owners are selling their vehicles. If you don’t care that you may receive thousands less for your vehicle, then this is the route for you.

2. Selling to a private-party

Selling your vehicle yourself may get you the highest offer though it takes, by far, the most work. You’ll need to prepare the car by making sure it’s spotless, gather years worth of service records, find potential buyers, give test drives, write sales documents, and if that isn’t enough – you’ll also need to have great negotiating skills.

3. Selling your vehicle online

Online selling processes have never been easier. Simply take your license plate number, VIN or make & model, and enter it into an online valuation tool, like SnapAutos. Within a minute, you can view your vehicle’s value and decide whether or not you’d like to accept the offer, without all of the hassle of a salesperson pressuring you into selling.

Your vehicle may be worth more than you think it is, based on offers you’ve received from dealers or private parties. We can help you make sure you get the most for your vehicle. Get your free online vehicle valuation today!

Let’s face it – selling your car was hard, until now.

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