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Car dealerships can be significantly overwhelming and intimidating for people looking to sell or buy a vehicle. Some even refer to them as the wolves’ den, where car dealers are the wolves. It’s a place people visit with the intention to spend a large sum of money. 

It’s the dealers’ responsibility to have you cough up as much money as you can in one go. After all, their jobs depend on it. This wolves’ den also comes with its own shocking secrets. These are things you wouldn’t notice simply from buying, selling, or trading cars.

If you’re curious to know what kind of secrets car dealers are hiding from you, keep reading!

Secrets Car Dealers Will Never Share With You

The following are some worrying car dealership secrets that you should know before buying or selling cars through them:

1. The Oh-So-Long Wait is All a Business Trick

While not all dealerships do this, several are known for making their customers wait for a long time. This could be because the car dealers are actually busy. However, it’s also a business trick that they use to prove that their time is much more valuable than the customers’ time. Unless you realize that it’s purely a mind game and nothing else, it will put the dealer in a more dominant position.

2. Car Dealers Purposefully Overwhelm You With Information

If you’ve ever been to a car dealership, you might already know how frustrating selling/buying cars can become. This is most likely because you’re presented with a plethora of information in a short span. Most car dealers feed an indigestible amount of data to their customers to purposefully overwhelm them and force them into making a rushed decision. This phenomenon is also known as decision fatigue.

3. They’re Likely Eavesdropping on Your Conversations

It’s a known business trick that various dealerships use to extract more information from you. They would likely receive a phone call or use another reason to excuse themselves. This would leave you alone with the person who’s tagged along with you. The two of you will likely discuss your options while the dealer eavesdrops from the other room. It’s a great tactic for them to learn more about your thoughts and perception about a deal.


4. They Don’t Care about Your Offers

Whether you’re selling cars or buying them, whatever quote you have in mind doesn’t matter to the dealers. Dealerships are often filled with customers waiting in line to be heard. Consequently, if you’re too optimistic about your costs and prices, the dealer won’t have a problem skipping you to get to the next customer.


5. They Intentionally Scare You with Prices

If you’re there to sell a car, the dealer will likely quote a significantly lower price than your expectations. In contrast, if you’re at the dealership to buy a car, they will quote a much higher price. This strategy is played at almost all dealerships to scare the customers, lower their expectations, and force them to accept offers much less attractive to them. Be aware of such tactics and do your due diligence before visiting them.


6. They’ll Keep You Busy after the Deal Is Finalized

Have you ever sold or purchased a car and found yourself talking to the dealer about the weather? This is because dealers don’t want you to give much thought to the deal that’s been finalized. Once you agree on all the terms and conditions of the transaction, the finance department will start working on the paperwork. To keep you from rethinking your decision, the dealer will most likely keep you busy with small talk. It’s best to do your research, prepare a list of questions, and evaluate all your options before you visit them.


7. They Never Share Hidden Charges and Costs, Unless Asked

The car dealerships are most likely to quote prices that are exclusive of taxes, service charges, and other such hidden costs. Once the deal is finalized, you’ll be presented with the paperwork where all these costs will appear. It’s best to ask the dealer about the ‘out-the-door’ price. This will help you from getting anxious over the fees you’re charged.


8. It’s Always Best to Email or Call Car Dealerships First

Most car dealerships leave their contact information on their website, only to tell their customers to visit their location when they call or email. This is because they can be more persuasive and dominating in person than on emails or phone calls. If you’re selling cars, it’s best to communicate all the information to them over the phone or an email. When asked to visit their dealership, tell them you would only after they quote a price.


9. You Can’t Outsmart Them

Unless you’ve worked as a salesperson before, the chances of you outsmarting a dealer are close to zero. Instead of trying to outsmart them, get them to compete against each other. You can do this by contacting several dealerships to get their quotes and visit the one offering the best quote. This will also give you a chance to bargain with them and get the best deal possible.


Selling Cars without the Hassle of Dealerships

Do you want to know the best way of selling cars without connecting with dealerships? SnapAutos has all the solutions for you! Get the best deals on your vehicles without the trouble of dealing with smooth-talking salespeople with quick, simple steps:

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We understand the stress and anxiety of dealing with car dealers to sell your cars. For this reason, we’ve created a platform where you won’t have to do much. SnapAutos is your trusted partner in ensuring you get the best deal on your old cars. Contact us now for further information about the car selling process on our website.







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