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Acquisition Agent

Do you want ultimate freedom in your vocation but struggle to find the right balance between financial upside and freedom of motion? If so, we feel you, and you should read more about this job.

“A” Player Vision: 

The SnapAutos Acquisition Specialist is the linchpin position in the ability for SnapAutos to help its dealer clients consistently acquire inventory and produce ROI on a monthly basis. This individual is great on the phones, is proficient in written communication and has a team-player mentality. This individual is a natural at providing world-class guest experiences and is tenacious with their follow up. They understand good appointment setting mechanics and know how to overcome objections with class and not put our dealers or customers in positions where we get bad reviews or bad customer experiences. The Acquisition Specialist is competitive, collaborative and takes a win-at-all-costs approach to appointment setting. A positive, upbeat, can-do attitude mixed with excellent interpersonal skills makes the customer experience delightful for each SnapAutos opportunity and is able to consistently meet and exceed performance goals.

Role Defined:  

The SnapAutos Acquisition Agent  is wholly responsible and accountable to results which is measured by acquisitions per market. You are responsible for maintaining a minimum of 10 acquisitions per month per market assigned and expected to exceed that consistently. You will be working with assigned dealer accounts and the acquisition manager to provide winning quotes, bids and offers to consumers and being the liaison between the purchasing dealer and consumer. Often, intervention is required to be successful and you must work with your assigned store contacts and department manager to ensure quick response to each opportunity and maximum conversion to acquisitions.  This role is performance based and will be compensated what they are worth each month based on appointment production.


  • Follow up with inbound leads (call,text,email) 
  • Set solid appointments that show
  • Provide quick quotes 
  • Be lightning fast with lead response 
  • Developing strong working relationship with your assigned stores
  • Communicate


  • 50% Lead to Appraisal Ratio 
  • 50% Appraisal to Appointment Ratio
  • 50% Appointment to Acquisition Ratio 
  • 12.5% Lead to Acquisition 
  • Minimum of 10 Acquisitions per Market per Month


  • $2,500 Monthly Salary 
  • $25/acquisition


  • 50 Acquisitions – $1,000
  • 75 Acquisitions – $1.500
  • 100 Acquisitions – $2,000


This job isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty much only for people who are addicted to winning and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. Plus, they need to be ultra competitive and know how to carry on in a high intensity, high competition work environment. However, if that’s you, this is one hell of an opportunity that you really shouldn’t pass up.

As part of the interview process, you will set up meetings for our executive team to virtually meet with your previous employers of our choice as a reference check. You will also be asked to send us a video explaining why you are the best candidate for the role.

Please complete this form and email your resume to


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