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Marketing Automation Manager

Are you a sales-driven marketer? Can you manage leads to drive sales conversion?

You will work with our sales team to develop strategies, communications and sales handoffs to nurture inbound marketing leads from many different lead sources. When new leads come in you will develop, analyze and refine the initial email, texts and content that will drive engagement and conversations with our Acquisition Agents.

For unresponsive leads that our Acquisition Agents are unable to convert, you will nurture these with timely touches using email, text and landing pages with automation that integrates with, our central database for managing leads and lead conversion.

Results Required

Lead conversion by lead source

Automated email and text flows which are optimized to convert leads

Skills Required

You can either presently practice with these skills or learn these on the job:

  • Database management in
  • Development of messaging and IT framework in automated texting application
  • Development of messaging and IT framework in automated email application
  • Analysis and optimization of conversion based on large data sets
  • Management of content and landing pages in WordPress
  • Collaboration with salespeople to refine messaging and conversion
  • Content development on landing pages and Youtube to facilitate nurturing and conversions

If you are a talented, aggressive and strategic digital marketer that can do this job, feel free to fill out the form below:

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