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Office Manager

If you are an organized, administrative and collaborative person that enjoys supporting teams with information and execution, feel free to reach out to us for an Office Manager role.

Our team uses different systems. You must be able to manage and move information efficiently. You also know to keep the right people informed and get things done on a daily basis to ensure our business flows without issues.

You must also be able to use QuickBooks Online and know accounting principles. Part of your duties are to keep receivables current, pay bills, provide customer service to our vendors and clients and provide regular cash flow reporting to our management team to make decisions.

The Office Manager also keeps our resources organized and supports our team with any HR benefits, technology purchases and follow up with any delegated items to support our business operations.

Overall, you must be a person who likes to accomplish a large amount of tasks and keep team members, customers and vendors informed with professional and considerate communications, written and by phone.


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