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Outside Sales Partner

“A” Player Vision: 

The vision for the Outside Sales Partner position is to provide world class closers the product and profit  they want to do what they do best, close deals and collect checks.  This individual has an innate ability to close, a network to tap and an ability to gain customers quickly and consistently. This person maintains integrity at all times and although they are exceptional closers they understand the following principle: Deals that Setup Right Close Right. Simply stated, they don’t over-commit.

Role Defined: 

This role will be entirely responsible for closing new users on the SnapAutos LLC product. They are professional closers that know how to identify dealerships who have an inventory acquisition problem and identify the decision makers to invest in the solution which is Snap Autos.


  • The Outside Sales Partner has only one responsibility: close deals. 
  • The OSP will request proposals to be sent from the SnapAutos team. 
  • Upon execution of sales proposals by the prospective client, the OSP will be paid immediately 
  • The OSP has zero ongoing responsibility for the client.


  • Closed Deals Per Month 


  • $1,500 Commission Per Acquired User
  • 5% Monthly Recurring Revenue 
  • 50% bonus for 3 more users in one month

This is not an employment agreement. All Outside Sales Partners are independent contractors who bill SnapAutos LLC per closed customer. The OSP is responsible for obtaining a signed proposal and for providing an invoice and W9 to the SnapAutos team.


As part of the interview process, you will set up meetings for our executive team to virtually meet with your previous employers of our choice as a reference check. You will also be asked to send us a video explaining why you are the best candidate for the role.

Please complete this form and email your resume to


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