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Performance Manager

“A” Player Vision: 

The vision for the first SnapAutos performance manager is to lead SnapAutos in its early stage and be fully accountable to accomplishing its vision of a nine figure exit within three years. This individual believes that they have what it takes to win people and implement systems that enable SnapAutos to average 30 acquisitions per month and scale to 200 franchise auto dealers by 1/1/2025.

Role Defined:  

This role will be entirely responsible and accountable for owning and delivering LTV to shareholders, founders, employees and most importantly for customers. LTV is lifetime value and for SnapAutos, it is a simple synonym for used vehicles acquired. 

This individual understands business realities quickly, and instinctively wins people and implements winning processes that create predictable results. They will be saving time and making money for customers, team members and shareholders alike. This individual will be committed like a pig to breakfast, to the effective accomplishment of ROI for the company and for our early phase clients, which is indicative of the number of vehicles acquired per user per month. 


  • The success and failure of every SnapAutos user. 
  • Communicating to dealer principals, general managers, desk managers, internet managers, sales representatives, and BDC agents alike.
  • Driving key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • The performance manager is responsible for providing SnapAutos a return on investment (ROI) in 90 days or less.
  • The performance manager is responsible for providing clear and concise communication to all key stakeholders.
  • The performance manager is responsible for saving time and making money for the clients first and the company second.


  • Average MRR of $9,000
  • Average LTV of $100,000
  • Churn rate < or = 10% Month over Month 


  • $100,000 Annual Salary
  • 10% of MRR
  • Insurance and Benefits after 90 days
  • Stock Options based on Vesting Schedule and ROI

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