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New Client Onboarding

Tools Required to Succeed

When setting up an account, we do the following for success: 

  • Get dealer buy-in
  • Acquire a monthly acquisition log
  • Designate one owner at each store
  • Maintain and monitor Salesforce KPI’s
  • Present on-boarding training deck
  • Conduct monthly reviews (based on customer preference)

Conducting Reviews

The goal of a review is to have agreement to dedicate regular time for rapid updates to ensue that we are moving through on-boarding, that we are training our teams and our clients teams and most importantly that we are driving return on client investments. 

Our goal is to work through a simple process that accounts for each and drive on the execution week by week to consistently optimize performance for our clients and our company. 

This should be scheduled in Google Calendar and confirmed. It should be a 20 minute meeting. We won’t waste the dealer’s time.

The goal is to get ROI and updates.

Here are questions to work through:

  1. Are we making money together?
  2. Where are we at with acquisitions?
  3. What are the appointments?
  4. What are the appraisals?

When we’re delivering ROI we expect our customers to reciprocate in one or more of the following ways: 

  1. Referrals. Who can you recommend this to?
  2. Case Studies. Can we write up a report to sign off on and share in marketing?
  3. Reviews. If we’ve delivered a great experience, can we get a 5 star review? 
  4. Testimonials. Can you write a quick testimonial, shoot a quick video or brag on us a bit?


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