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What’s New in SnapAutos?

Helping You Acquire More Inventory


Buy cars direct from consumers.

Offer trade-in values to purchase as well as have the opportunity to sell a new vehicle.

Xtime Integration

Xtime Integration: Turn your service customers into car buying opportunities Your service customers are daily opportunities for a SnapAutos quote. This feature allows you to engage and create an acquisition or trade-in deal.

Textonix BDC Appointment Setting Integration

Textonix BDC Appointment Setting Integration: Qualify and Automatically Set Appointments for Trade-Ins If you are already overloaded with leads and want consistent, full-service lead management we have integrated our SnapAutos car buying with Textonix. Our team will...

Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons: Entice more sellers to come to your showroom With follow up emails and texts in highly attractive, customizable digital coupon offers, sellers can bring in their trade voucher with offers and incentives to engage your used car department for an...

CRM Data Retrieval

CRM Data Retrieval: Mine your CRM for trade-in opportunities Your past customers and prospects have vehicles ready for SnapAutos deals. We have automation that finds those and engages car owners with trade-in offers. Your data becomes new car deal opportunities.

Daily Lead Manifest

Daily Lead Manifest: Follow Up and Acquire More Vehicles An easy to read email of your previous day’s SnapAutos leads and offers. Check with your used car manager and team on their follow-up and ensure you are making offers.

Website Widget

Website Widget: Turn Website Traffic Into Trade Opportunities With a few lines of embedded code, we can provide a trade-in value and submit leads to your CRM or provide full service lead qualification and appointment setting for your website visitors. Buyers thinking...

Simplified Back End to

Easy custom implementation for all dealerships Our developers creatively implemented a system that can work as your brand without IT headaches interacting with your current website. We brand you and set up quickly to get you going with easier back end management of...

vAuto Integration

vAuto Integration: Confirm matchbacks of SnapAutos trade-ins and car buys based on inventory We can match back VIN numbers and license plates to your inventory between SnapAutos offers and acquisitions made by your used car department. This strengthens our continuous...

VIN Number and License Plate Matching

VIN Number and License Plate Matching: Easier and less inputs for car sellers to get their quote. We developed integrations with VIN and license plate databases to make it more convenient for car sellers to have information on their vehicle auto-loaded: