15 Cars Acquired With SnapAutos!

In One Month!


1 Month


174 Leads


71 Appts.


15 Acquisitions

The Problem

Needed More Inventory!

With the national automotive inventory crisis, Patriot Chandler, like all dealerships were struggling to acquire enough inventory to meet demand.

The Solution

Identify Local Consumers

We identify local consumers who have inventory for sale in your market area.

See Real Money Offer

Snap Auto provides a real money offer to your customers online within 30 seconds.

Push Trade Quote

We promptly push the trade quote and customer contact info to your CRM.

We used creative ad copy, graphics, and aggressive campaigns to identify all of the audiences in their local area.

Example Ads

snapautos top dollar for car
your vehicle is worth top dollar

The Result

Gross Profit

15 Cars Bought in One Month!

Use our proven strategy and software to acquire inventory back of book!