How We Work

The Rules

Our goal is to make money with you, the dealer, with a fast, easy and convenient process. Here’s how we do it.

What We Do

  • We will generate local leads for your dealership in your region
  • We track progress and regularly meet with you, our dealer partner, to measure performance on your team and our team
  • We optimize our marketing to drive improved traffic and conversion results across multiple channels
  • We re-engage hundreds of prospective sellers per day so you do not have to!

What You (Dealer Partner) Do

  • You fund a monthly marketing budget
  • You provide us with your area coverage to engage car sellers from
  • You provide CRM integration for lead handoff
  • You provide us with a contact to track and convert leads
  • You confirm new appointments with the car seller within 5 minutes (Money loves speed!)
  • You provide continual feedback to improve our performance as partners
  • You acquire 10 vehicles minimum per month to remain exclusive in your territory
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