How We Work

Our technology and team work to deliver appointments for consumers selling their vehicles to your dealership.

Our Team’s Accountability:

  • Set up and manage a performance process with you
  • Develop and follow up with leads
  • Set appointments in your CRM
  • Manage reporting and metrics to drive our conversions
  • Deliver 40+ appointments per month without the headaches to your dealership
  • Work on a performance based pay plan with your dealership

Your Dealer Accountability:

We work with dealers that have the following qualities

  • Franchise dealers that sell more than 100 cars per month
  • Needs to buy 30 vehicles each month from the public
  • Dedicate a single people to manage all appointments and have pay plans that incentivize them to buy vehicles
  • Provide help with our team to integrate technologies into your DMS and CRM systems for reporting
  • Assist in reporting and reconciling on appraisal and acquisition numbers in regular calls
  • Pay for performance on a per car acquisition deal – buy and trade with a $3K minimum per month to invest
  • Are available for monthly performance review meetings to improve acquisition numbers
  • Provide case study numbers so we can tell your success story

If you want to implement the SnapAutos software system and get appointments for acquisitions to increase your used car inventory, then let’s connect. Fill out this form below:

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